Surgical Trainer

A surgical trainer is a simulation that provides surgeons, nurses and students the capability to learn and experiment various surgical procedures in a virtual environment where mistakes and experimentation are not frowned upon and help to improve skills and knowledge.

The simulation is composed of a Virtual visual environment where the user can control virtual surgical instruments and other clinical equipment. An integrated physiological model simulates the patients vital signs during the simulation and user actions affect various parameters of the physiological model producing real-time changes in the patients vitals such as increased blood pressure, shallow/increased respiration and so on these changes will help create a more realistic environment of cause and effect that increases the fidelity of the simulation.

These trainers are a valuable tool to gain fast experience in a specific surgical procedure that a surgeon has done only a few times in the past or has not done such a procedure recently and requires a quick refresher. These trainers can also help prepare for possible complications during the procedure, give you familiarity of the environment close to the anatomy. They can also be extended to provide competency validation for resident surgeons before conducting surgery on patients.

The simulation can provide randomization of parameters to keep each training procedure unique and challenging. It can also provide increasing complexity of training sessions based on the trainees level of competency.

The simulation will be capable of being setup to conduct various types of procedures with open ended scenarios where every action produces consequences. The simulation is capable of recording different types of metrics that can be analyzed and studied later to evaluate performance and help improve subsequence training sessions.