Pre-Op Surgical Planner

By taking research elements and combining them together  with the use of high fidelity engineering physiological mathematical models as well as contact and deformation tissue characteristics integrated into a visual simulation based environment. The simulation will provide pre-op planning for surgeons, medical students, nurses and other personal through a desktop to plan surgical procedures and conduct pre-op analysis and structure a surgical solution for various types of pathology.

The simulation uses haptic devices and a Human Machine Interface (HMI) to communicate and interact with the simulation. The simulation consists of dynamics which is highly scalable, soft tissue is simulated through complex dynamics and finite element techniques creating deformable bodies that can be cut and sutured in real-time with the aid of virtual simulated surgical tools. Contact forces/moments are calculated and feedback to the haptic device for tool interaction sensation. Extensive data can be recorded and played back for post simulaiton analysis.

A 3D virtual environment is used to display various camera views on multiple monitors and supports split views per display that are configurable at run-time. User can define additional cameras into the environment based on their requirement to study various camera angles for endoscope camera placement.