• Multi-body dynamics.
  • Dynamics properties are user configurable.
  • High fidelity elastic deformation computations in real-time.
  • Capability to change shape of bodies by cutting, cauterization and deformation in real-time by collision between other objects in the environment.
  • Highly precise collision detection algorithm capable of computing penetration depth between bodies and to render feedback from contact to haptics.
  • Collision detection is scalable at runtime to high efficiency and processor use.
  • Simulation of strings, ropes and suture with self collision capabilities (video1, video2)

Haptics Interface

  • Real time haptics updates at 1000hz.
  • Interface is generic and applicable to any haptic device.
  • Haptics can be used locally and remotely.

Human Machine Interface

  • Capable of loading an environment preconfigured in a file.
  • Control simulation remotely over a local network on internet.
  • Interact with simulation with haptic devices.

Distributed Computing

  • Simulation, Visuals and HMI are distributed across machines.
  • Simulation over the internet or local network.
  • Application uses threading and parallel processing capabilities.

Virtual Environment and Renderer

  • 3D stereoscopic vision.
  • Can have multiple viewports configured on a single monitor.