Skills Trainer

The current available skills trainer constitutes of using surgical tools such as laparoscopic devices to gain dexterity and familiarity of use before a surgical procedure. A setup known as a Box Trainer is currently used to conduct these training activities. The box trainer is a mechanical device usually with two laparoscopes and a camera inserted through three holes in a box. The cameras view is projected onto a monitor which displays the internal environment of the box which is pointed to a board with various rows of pegs (See figure below). The goal of the trainee is to use the laparoscopes to move small blocks with holes on various pegs on the board.

Some of the short comings of this device is that there is not quantifiable measurement of performance of learning that is derived from the procedure. Also the setup requires to be manually reset after a training session. One major advantage of the setup is the cost associated to the equipment.

We here at VIRMED Simulation are developing a product that will provide the same level of dexterity and learning as the box trainer. However will add the capability to provide metrics and performance results for a trainee. In addition the setup can be configured and reset with a single click of a button. There will be also randomization parameters in the trainer that can increase complexity of tasks based on the trainee level of proficiency.